• FA - 4s operators

    FA - 4s operators

    Technology r & d, production technology management all adopt the manufacturing mode of German high-end products..
  • Stable product quality

    Stable product quality

    MAXAIR products are based on the excellent traditional manufacturing technology of Germany, the Japanese fine design elements are integrated into the design.
  • Raw material supplier

    Raw material supplier

    Provide non-standard performance, non-standard size, add special functions, meet special environment requirements, exclusive brand customization, confidential customization.

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About us

Shenzhen Maxair Science and technology development co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of precision pneumatic components, mainly 

developing  producing precision sliding table cylinders, pneumatic fingers (claw,air gripper), digital pressure sensors  other pneumatic components. The 

company has the industry recognized advanced precision cylinder technology, a year to sell 300,000 precision cylinder. 

The products are widely used in LCD, OLED, smart phone, laser, lithium battery  other consumer electronic equipment  other fields, the company 

has about 100 CNC processing equipment, sliding table cylinder, air claw production line 5, monthly prod

uction of precision cylinder 35,000......

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